6 reasons why it’s important to read with your child

When you read with your child, you get to spend uninterrupted time with your little ones – away from screens and the all-encompassing ‘go go go’ that life often throws at us.

Reading together is an opportunity to learn, bond, and begin to understand new concepts.

In this post, we’re going to discuss 6 reasons why it is important to read with your child!

1. Stimulates imagination

Books offer us endless worlds, activities, characters and scenarios that we can experience from the comfort of our own homes. Although your child may not have been to Mars, they’ll be able to learn all about it in storybooks.

When we read to our children, we introduce them to new concepts that broaden their imagination. And a wonderful imagination promotes social, lingual, emotional, creative, and physical development!

2. Expands understanding

For children, it’s often easier to understand emotions, ideas, and activities when they can get to know them through storybooks. Whilst your child might not understand certain things about the world, books can illustrate scenarios in which these more complicated things become easier to understand.

Whether you would like your child to understand more about the natural world, their big feelings, or the science behind our survival, we guarantee that there’s a book to help you teach it!

3. Develops language

Reading to our children helps them to develop a broad range of vocabulary. You can even teach your child a second language by reading books that are written in something other than their mother tongue! Books will introduce vocabulary to your children that you might not use on a day-to-day basis in the home.

4. Encourages bonding

Snuggling up to read with your child is a great way to promote bonding. Not only do you get to share stories, but you also get to share cuddles, smiles, and laughter. It’s important to read to your children because this time spent with you will become one of the most treasured parts of their day – and yours too!

In a world that tends to be fast-paced, slowing down to read will give you the time and space to connect with your child.

5. Improves concentration

If children want to know what happens at the end of the story, they’ll need to concentrate! A good storybook will improve your child’s concentration by introducing them to interesting plots, funny scenes, and relatable characters. All of which will improve their concentration.

6. Leads to a lifelong love of reading

By nurturing a habit of reading, we can help our children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Reading is a great way to improve wellbeing, destress, and educate ourselves – something that we all want for our children. Why not make reading a part of your daily routine? You could create a habit of reading to your child at the same time every day so that you’re sure to spend some special time together. Our subscription boxes provide your child with new books every month so that they never run out of interesting stories to learn from.

What’s your favourite time to read to your child?
We would love to know!

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