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You get to decide whether you would like a child to receive a box every month (monthly) or every two months (bi-monthly), so if you took a subscription out in January the two options for delivery would work like this:


These deliveries work consecutively, so the child would receive a box containing two books (two activity packs and stickers) every month for as long as the subscription is paid for. The child will receive a box in January, February, March and so forth.


This means that the delivery would be a box every two months. This means a child receiving a box in January would then receive their next box in March, then May, July and then continue for as long as needed. An example of this would be if you decide to take our six month upfront payment but choose the bi-monthly delivery option, a child will receive our book club boxes over the course of 12 months. An example of this would be one in January, March, May, July, September, November. You would then have an option to continue the subscription after November, for example.

Important note: remember you can change the type of book club that child is part of at any time by contacting us at [email protected] As long as we receive the information in time for ordering (usually by the 15th of each month), we can easily change that type of book club for that child. You can also change your rate of subscription delivery at any time. If your child is loving the boxes and you want them to be more frequent, then just let us know and we can change the delivery to the monthly option.