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We never send the same book twice, so have a look at some of our recent favourites.

What kind of reader are you?

BOOk explorer

Age 2-5

Picture Books

This is where your reading adventure will begin, by discovering and exploring the magic of stories. Get started today with some of the very best picture books on the planet and reach for the stars!

BOOK discoverer

Age 5-7

Early Chapter Books

By reading a combination of picture, non-fiction and chapter books, the conversations about the world go deeper.


Age 7-9

Devoted to chapter and non-fiction books, this package develops independent reading. Swash-buckling misfits, ageless adventurers and historic tales await in these page-turners.

book whizz

Age 9-11

The sky’s the limit for this subscription package. Full of wonderful middle-grade novels of mysterious settings, outrageous talents, unparalleled skills and endeavour, a child will become the reading superhero of any household. 

book master

Age 11+

By reading upper middle-grade books, a child is ready to become a Book Master. Wands at the ready and hold on tight, you’re about to vanish into worlds you never even knew existed.

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what are the different kinds of books?


Picture Books
Picture Books consist mainly of illustrations, all designed for very young children with bright colours and fun, lovable characters for both you and your child to enjoy together.

Early Chapter

Early Chapter Books

Early fiction chapter books introduce the idea of chapters, and break the story up over the book. The books themselves are simple, short,  and still contain many illustrations.


A chapter book tells the story primarily through prose, rather than pictures. Unlike books for advanced readers, chapter books contain plentiful illustrations.


A book about real facts or events, rather than stories that have been invented.


Middle Grade books are those intended for readers aged 8 to 12 years old and are normally written in the third person where the protagonist is a similar age to the reader.  Middle Grade Books do not often include any illustrations.

Upper Middle-Grade

These books are for those readers who are very competent and can deal with longer novels. They can be darker in tone and we generally only recommend these types of books for children in Year 6 and above at school.