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Each box contains a brand new book, An activity pack, stickers, extras and our reward chart.
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What if you could give your child the gift of a lifelong love for reading? Let's Go Read believes that all kids should have access to books they'll fall in love with, and we're on a mission to make this happen. Our monthly book subscription box includes a brand new book to keep targeted at your child's age as well as an activity book, sticker pack and fun extras designed to help keep their imagination going long after they've finished reading. We want every kid (and parent!) who receives our boxes to enjoy an experience so good it leaves them wanting more.

What's in the box?

A fun, exciting surprise that will help children learn and grow.

A Handpicked Book

A mystery, new, high-quality and engaging book is picked for your child's reading age for them to keep and enjoy time and time again.

Loads of Fun Activities

Go beyond the book and use your imaginations to explore the magic of fantastic books through our fun, monthly activity packs.

Reading Reward chart

A reading chart with monthly stickers to reward completion of our fun activities. Collect six of our ‘Mystery Book' stickers and send us a picture and we'll send you a specially selected new book.

Early-access to our Latest Videos

Get early access to our latest engaging expert videos designed to inspire your family to read together, offering advice and top tips for an awesome reading experience.

Take a peEk...

Take a peek at one of our Book Explorer activity packs

Get ready to read, write, and imagine with the Let's Go Read Book Subscription! Fully-illustrated, activity-filled books with writing prompts to help children develop their skills. Also includes stickers for some fun extra creative play. Guaranteed: your kids will be begging you for more!

How it works

We turn your child into a 
Book Explorer
Book Discoverer
Book Whizz
Book Master
Book Wrap

Tell us your child's name, age and how often you want your reading adventures delivered.

Our book experts handpick a brilliant book, which is paired with an exclusive activity book aimed at your child's reading age.

Wands at the ready. With a pinch of magic and a sprinkle of sorcery (plus your local postman), we deliver your reading box to your door on or before the last weekend of the month.

Book Choice

Join your child on their adventure. Reading is a gift worth sharing, and no imagination, young or old, should be left behind.

Previous Books

We never send the same book twice, so have a look at some of our recent favourites.

We work hard to provide you with the best and most varied books for your child's age group. We make sure that over a year, they receive an assortment of stories from different genres so their reading experience is always fresh. We make sure that there are a diverse array of characters in our books and equality for all types of children, no matter gender, family situation or disability. All imaginations were created equal and none should be left behind. Your children will be surprised by some of our recommendations because we specialize in finding hidden gems before anyone else knows about them!

See Our budding book adventurers in action.

Hallie & Libby


Book Explorer

“Hallie loved it. Two amazing books that she wants me to read, time and time again. She did three or four of the activities today and loved them. Overall, really good!!”


Daisy & William

Book Explorer & BookWorm

“Highly recommended…lots of fun to be had…books and activities to keep your little ones entertained”